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Introduction, Rules, and How to Join


Hello, nice to meet you! We're just a small fansubbing community that subbing for learning purpose and purely for fun. Japanese and English are not our first language so expect some mistakes in our works. Kindly PM one of us (thebluepanda or applemon) if you ever find error or grammar mistake that we unintentionally skipped.

Here's our list of actors that we will be prioritizing to sub on.

  1. Ryusei Ryo

  2. Mamiya Shotaro

  3. Mackenyu

  4. Sakurada Dori

  5. Takasugi Mahiro

  6. Yokohama Ryusei

If you want to suggest drama/SP/movie for us to sub, please make sure that it has at least one of these names on the cast list. But do remember, we don't take any request by now. We might consider it, but we won't promise on anything.

We might take ongoing drama project once in awhile but we will be more focus on older dramas/SPs that haven't been subbed from previous seasons.


  1. No hotlinking the subs. If you want to give our subs to someone, please do that in private (not on social media, such as Twitter or Tumblr) or direct them to join this community.

  2. No re-uploading the subs without permission.

  3. No re-uploading the subs to the streaming sites WITHOUT permission. You know, sometimes you just need to ask and we may give our permission to upload the subs.*

  4. We don't get paid of what we sub for. So don't ever think that we will proritize or treat subbing like some important tasks since this is not our real job. We're just working on voluntary basis. Please have respect and DO NOT nag us on the sub release speed.

  5. If you want to re-translate our subs into another language, please kindly ask us first via comment or PM to one of us  (thebluepanda or applemon).

* We really understand that there may be some people who can't download because of various circumstances. In fact, streaming sites help a lot to catch up with jdramas. What we can't tolerate is the act of stealing. If you happen to be one of those streaming sites' crew, we hope you ask by sending message to one of us first before putting our subs on your sites.

How to join:

  1. Comment on this entry with a little introduction of yourself. Tell us your name, where are you from, and your favorite actor or actress. Of course, your favorite doesn't have to be someone in our list since your favorites might be one of their co-actors, we don't mind. It's not even our complete bias list, anyway lol

  2. If you don't have any favorite actor or actress, tell us your favorite japanese drama/movie. You can also talk about your recent-watched jdrama/movie. We just want to know you better, so we really encourage you to write about this on your introduction here :D

  3. After your comment is posted on this post, do remember to click the join button since we can't add you into our group if you forget to click it. For some reason, if you are here without properly made an account in livejournal, some errors might happen. So please use a real account in livejournal, not "login with facebook", "login with twitter", or something similar.

  4. You don't need to have an active livejournal or a lot of posts. In fact, we will accept even those with empty livejournal as long as you put your comment on this introduction post and (at the very least) post a comment or two on our releases after you join. It is possible that we will remove some members in the future if they remained silent the entire time after join in. What's the point of keeping a member who never even bother to say a simple hi once in awhile, right?

  5. Once we accept your request to join, read this post to fully understand how to get the passwords. It's not hard to get since we are not using riddles, hard to type passwords, etc. Just a simple explanation on how to type it and what will be the passwords on each release.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to join the community?
Please kindly head to the introduction post and READ the steps to Join.
Why I can’t use Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google+ account to join?
When you use Login with Facebook/Twitter/Google+ feature, sometimes there are various issues in communities when it comes to approval. For example: your request somehow can't get accepted by us or you still can't see the locked post. So please, create a Livejournal account if you want to join.
“I’m not very active in Livejournal.” or “I don’t have any post in my Livejournal.”
It’s fine! Don’t worry, we don't mind empty account as long as you follow our rules and sometimes, drop your comment to our post.
Why I'm not being accepted yet though I clicked Join?

  1. We're currently busy and can't access Livejournal, so be patient.

  2. Have you posted your introduction post here? If not, post it and be patient.

I have posted my introduction, why I'm not being accepted yet?

  1. We're currently busy and can't access Livejournal, so be patience.

  2. Have you clicked Join on the front page of this community? If not, click it first and be patient.

How to watch the video with your subs?

  1. Make sure you download the raw video first. You can head to the link we provide in our post.

  2. Put the videos and the .ass files on the same folder directory.

  3. Rename your videos with the same name as the .ass files. For example: Episode 1 sub is named 'Sennyuu Keiji Idol Deka Dance ep01 (848x480 x264)' so rename your video file into 'Sennyuu Keiji Idol Deka Dance ep01 (848x480 x264)'.

  4. Play it with your media player as usual. We recommend Media Player Classic with the latest codec.

“I can’t play the video.” or “Your subs won’t come out though I have renamed the file.”
Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest K-Lite Codec Pack on your computer.

Can you provide SRT files too?
No, we only provide ASS files for subs. But you can convert ASS to SRT files yourself on some sites, like this one.

More information about softsubs, please read How to watch subtitles (softsubs) on d-addicts.
I can't extract the rar files because I don't know the password. Clue, please?
Did you read the rules properly? If not, make sure you read all stuffs in the pinned post (rules, introduction, how to join). If you read it properly, you'll know what to do with the password. If you still don't know... read again.

I'm using macOS and I don't know how to extract rar files with password. Can you help?
Download and install this software, then follow the steps written there.

Download link for the subs are dead. Can you re-upload them?
Yeah, of course. Send your PM to the poster, we will upload it as soon as possible.
May I re-translate your subs into my language?
Yes, of course. But please as a matter of courtesy and common sense, ask us via PM first so we can explain the conditions and put you into our kind of list. Don't steal.

May I request for subtitle?
We're open for suggestion though we don't take any request at the moment. You can suggest the released drama/film who cast one of the actors on our list.

How to download from MEGA without installing software?
Click on “Download through your browser”. We recommend Chrome if your current browser doesn’t work.
How to download from torrent?

  1. Install a torrent client first. For example, I use utorrent.

  2. After you have installed torrent client, download the torrent file of your videos. Jdramacity always use torrent to upload the raws.

  3. Open the torrent file with your torrent client.

  4. A window dialog will come out. Select the video you want to download, your preferred directory to save the videos, and click OK.

  5. Your torrent will start. Make sure to check your preferred directory from the previous step to see the file after it finish downloading.

Download link for the raws are dead. Can you upload them?
Nope. We're not responsible for raw files link. You can ask the raw files uploader directly.

Current Project List

Chanpon Tabetaka (Complete)
JK wa Yuki Onna (Complete)
Kenja no Ai (Complete)
Koe Koi (Complete)
Koudaike no Hitobito dTV Original Drama (Complete)
Sumika Sumire (Complete)
Sennyuu Keiji Idol Deka Dance (Complete)

Jinroh Game: The Beast Side (Complete)
Litchi Hikari Club (Complete)
Orange (Complete)
Koudaike no Hitobito (Complete)

Chou Gentei Nouryoku (Complete)
Gappa-sensei (Complete)
Hatachi to Ippiki (Complete)
Kaseki no Hohoemi (Complete)
Koudaike no Hitobito Special Episode (Complete)

Due to our moving and possibility there's no internet connection, we're going to accept you once we get proper internet connection. Yes, of course you still can join this community like before. But please, have patience.
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